[Ux] Preference term for auto-adjustment to context change

Christophe Strobbe strobbe at hdm-stuttgart.de
Wed Mar 11 08:34:37 EDT 2015


On 19 November, Nikos Dimokas sent a message to the Architecture mailing
list to propose a new preference term to enable or disable
auto-adjustment to context changes (e.g. ambient noise or light)[1].
Agreement on this preference term is necessary to finalise a pull
request to the PMT repository (see below). 

Gregg thought this preference should not be global but work at the level
of individual preferences [2]. Any setting that the MM might propose to
change in response to a context change would need to have an option to
enable this auto-adjustment, e.g. [3]:
* volume based on sound level
* captions based on sound level
* brightness based on brightness
* anything based on fatigue level (measured or reported)
* based on time
* based on task

Andres mixed the e-mail thread with the one about the feedback from the
second pilot [4].
Andy thought that excluding specific adaptations would not be a good
approach: it would be easy to accidentally disable auto-adjustment for
e.g. the TVM and then to find out later that the TVM does not respond
context changes without knowing/remembering why.[5]
Dana said this could be addressed by providing an option like "don't ask
me again on this device". [6]

And that was the end of the thread.

So what will be our course of action? I see several options:
1. Go with the global setting for the third pilot. This requires that we
agree on a name (I propose "autoAdjustToContextChange") and a value
range. Nikos can then finalise pull request
<https://github.com/GPII/prefsEditors/pull/84> for JIRA ticket
GPII-1023. In addition, we may consider creating wireframes for the
granular version proposed by Gregg and get feedback on them during the
third pilot.
2. Design and implement the granular autoAdjustToContextChange option
proposed by Gregg. However, I think this is not realistic for the third
pilot and that we need to defer this until after the pilots.
3. And now that I got here, I forgot what the last option was. I'll have
to ask Dr. Alzheimer.

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[1] <http://lists.gpii.net/pipermail/architecture/2014-November/002941.html>
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