[Ux] Possible technical barrier for the implementation of GPII-562

Chris Petsos cpetsos at certh.gr
Tue Mar 18 08:05:17 EDT 2014

Hi Justin and all,

I've started some preliminary work on GPII-562 - Add selfVoicingEnabled 
adjuster, <http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-562>i know this /might/ be 
in scope for pilots2, but the outcome of these considerations may affect 
our decision.
Now the techy part... my work is in progress at,
The problems with the implementation of this adjuster are summarized as 
1) It needs to support the changing of two common terms ( 
screenReaderTTSEnabled, selfVoicingEnabled) while each adjuster in 
composite panels should support only one as described here,
2) According to the design frames 
the setting of screenReaderTTSEnabled and selfVoicingEnabled affect the 
showing/hiding of the same hidden adjuster group. It's the first time we 
see such a scenario and according to some tests i've made it is not 
supported. A set of adjusters can only be bound to a single preference 
setting for showing/hiding.

Do you think there can be a quick workaround to have this for the pilot 
tests if it is needed?


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