[Ux] PCP/PMT meeting, March 13, 2014

Michelle D'Souza michelled33 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 12:07:22 EDT 2014

Update piloteers on the status 
	Fixed issues:
GPII-540: Logout from the PCP
GPII-656: Languages options in PMT needs to cover the three pilot languages+english
GPII-600: Improved accessibility for PMT and PCP control elements
GPII-274: Prepare advanced PMT wireframes for Pilot 2
GPII-652: Tab order is broken in PMT 

Are there any new issues discovered by the pilot teams? (feedback from Clemens?) If so: JIRA it, prioritize, assign
	No new issues have been discovered

Fixing the screen-reader/magnifier automatic launch. This is still a problem, and is not fixable on the architecture side only - two actions are required:
	Fix the speak text options: http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-664 - currently assigned to Kasper, should be reassigned to someone appropriate. 
This appears to be a duplicate of http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-562

	Ensure that ONLY NON-DEFAULT VALUES are saved in an NP set (see antranigs comment at http://issues.gpii.net/GPII-526) 
There are two JIRAs that need to be done in order for GPII-526 to be possible
GPII-668   An empty preferences set causes an exception and the login fails
This needs to be addressed by the architecture team
GPII-667   Only send preferences that have been modified

Walk through JIRAs of workload report - check everyone is on top of their work: http://issues.gpii.net/secure/ConfigureReport.jspa?versionId=10100&displayUnknown=yes&subtaskInclusion=onlySelected&selectedProjectId=10000&reportKey=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.reports%3Aversion-workload&Next=Next 

GPII-591  Needs review from Justin
GPII-521  Dana will provide the correct colour
GPII-561  Justin had commented on this and the fix should be quick
Might have time to assist with the magnifier issue

GPII-657  Expecting some code review 
GPII-653  cannot reproduce - Ignacio will ask for clarification from Clemens
GPII-662  is an umbrella- Ignacio will check with Eleni and determine which parts of this are blocking pilots
GPII-648  Ignacio will determine if this is a blocker
GPII-649  Dana will provide some feedback
GPII-647  Ignacio will determine if this is a blocker

Walk through pending pull requests, to allow people to coordinate anything that needs coordination (https://github.com/GPII/prefsEditors/pulls)
Ready for more review from Justin
Ready for more review from Justin
Cannot go in as is because it causes a bug in PCP. Might not be a blocker for pilots - Ignacio will determine this.
Alex will make changes based on code review
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