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Dana Ayotte dana.ayotte at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 18:39:49 EDT 2014

Hi All,

Based on some of the feedback we have received so far from the pilot testing, we are proposing some changes to the adjusters designs.   

In particular, the following changes have been made:

- collapsing and expanding behaviour has changed such that activating a preference family does not expand the number of associated preferences.  Some users thought that turning a preference family on and off resulted only in expanding the panel, and didn't realise that it was also activating a preference.  Now, when a preference family (e.g. Magnification) is off, a few preferences are shown but are not available (greyed out).  When the preference family is turned on, these same few prefs become available.  Only by selecting "more preference" will more associated preferences be revealed.

- the more/less button is more prominent

- more consistency in adjusters (e.g. cursor size adjuster looks the same as text size etc.)

- +/- buttons are more prominent

- buttons and check boxes default size is slightly larger

- preview window design has been changed to avoid interpretion as interactive element.

- removal of broader categories / breaking adjusters down into family groups only 

This work relates to GPII-745.

Previous/pilots designs can be found here.

This work is preliminary and there is still work to be done to specify design and styling for hover states, focus states, responsive layout etc as well as cleaning up of the finer design details.  Please provide any feedback with this in mind.

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