[Ux] CLOUD4ALL: Implementation of multiple preference set and context set

Nikos Dimokas dimokas at certh.gr
Tue Dec 23 09:57:38 EST 2014

Dear all,

We finished the implementation of multiple preference and context sets. 
Now, the user is able to create as many /*context and preference sets*/ 
as he/she wants. We did a pull request 
The pull request contains the implementation of the following JIRAs:

  * GPII-1018 (http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-1018). GPII-1018
    refers to the creation of the left frame of PMT. The left frame
    contains information about the new context sets.
  * GPII-1019 (http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-1019). GPII-1019
    refers to the creation of the conditions tab.
  * GPII-1019 (http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-1020). GPII-1020
    refers to the creation of the sharing tab.

Merry Christmas,
Nikos Dimokas
Research Associate at CERTH/HIT
Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Informatics and 
Telecommunications Engineering of University of Western Macedonia

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