[Ux] PCP/PMT Meeting Notes, December 4, 2014

Michelle michelled33 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 11:15:36 EST 2014

Master is not working right now ( http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-1029 )
Kostas and Nikos will address this in PMT
Kostas will propose to architecture and ux lists that we don't write unit tests for the context work
we will continue to work in branches while that decision gets made
We aren't sure about who will pick up the PCP work

Security/privacy settings wireframes
 PCP MM feedback (will send wireframes to UX list)
we have not implemented an adjuster under Speak Text for selecting a preferred screen-reader, so the scenario presented by Claudia on Tuesday (https://code.stypi.com/claudi/MM-%3EUserFeedback.json) may not be realistic, unless we add this into the PCP now (see wireframes first option) 
alternatively we could implement a simplified notification for alternative screen reader (option 2) - this assumes that the MM's know which screenreader the user prefers based on their behaviour. The matchmaker would know the preferred screen reader if the preference set contains app-specific settings for it. If this screen reader is not available but one or more others are, the PCP could ask the user for feedback about the one it launched. (Without the screen reader, the user will likely not be able to read the PCP feedback, so one needs to be launched anyway.)
and/or we could use a different scenario (Contrast is probably the most realistic of the preferences we currently have implemented) - (option 3)
need to decide which is best option to present at the Review

    working on security
    will soon move on to the login screen
Kostas and Nikos:
working on conditions
are there common terms about devices and times? 
See examples at http://wiki.gpii.net/w/Proposal_for_Declarative_Preference_Conditions and (for EC review) https://code.stypi.com/claudi/vladimir.json: time & location; nothing for "device" beyond the "OS" & "solution" IDs that already existed.
mobile wireframes are implemented using old version of adjuster designs (this is consistent with all the other adjuster designs we currently have implemented) - will begin adding ARIA labels http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-803
auto-adjust on/off (pull request pending) - what are we doing about this?
We haven't resolved this yet - Dana will send proposed wireframes to list which will be very similar to auto-adaptation notifications/UI, we probably don't need to decide right now whether the user can explicitly opt in to this or not (and whether it is a general opt-in or on a preference-by-preference basis)

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