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Hi Dana,

On 2/12/2014 22:17, Dana Ayotte wrote:
> Thanks Christophe, unfortunately when I open the pirate pad it is empty...

Ah, the pirates of the Caribbean Pad robbed us again.
I restored the content from the version I saved locally.

I am also pasting the content below.


  * Updates
  * Discussion of new designs (Christophe) / Dana's email with new designs
  * Plan for the review demo in terms of working feedback system (MM ->


  * *CLAUDIA:* RB MM is able to dynamically provide help messages to the
  * *KASPER:*
      o Fireball branch has been merged, meaning support for MM feedback
        and contextual preferences sets
      o Planning to look at PCP integration with FM and have things
        ready by next friday Dec. 5
  * *DANA:*
      o Been doing new designs - see next agenda item
  * *JESS:*
      o Been chatting with Dana about wireframes, dropping in on meeting
        to join discussion
  * *JUSTIN:*
      o Mostly been away since last meeting. Did some code review for
        Nikos and Cindie - but haven't finished them yet. Will be
        working on finishing those and the security related work.
      o Have some issues figuring out how to use subcomponents from the
        example that Cindie sent.

*_Discussion of new designs (Christophe)_*
See email from dana at:
With the wireframes here: 

There would be two scenarios in which this type of MM feedback is
presented to the user:

  * A normal matchmaker scenario where the user needs an AT or an
    accessibility feature that is not available on the target system,
    e.g. the user's preferred screen reader is not available. In this
    case, the MM would send the content for a notification and
    additional information (shortcuts, how to use, ...).
  * A context change (noise, lightning, ...) that triggers a change in
    the settings or the solutions that the user would need.
  * In addition, MM feedback may also be presented when the user has not
    used the device before. 

The "revert" button would be present in each of these cases. 

"*Try different*": options: 

  * Run the /other/ matchmaker.
  * Run the RBMM again. This requires that the payload sent back to the
    MM says what did not work. The preference set can contain a block
    with settings that the user did not like.

Currently no plan to implement this in the matchmakers by the time of
the review.

An example of BMMM feedback to the user:
This can be added to Dana's wireframes.
The payload contains language alternatives; the intent is to let the PCP
pick the right language. 

*_Plan for the review demo in terms of working feedback system (MM ->

  * We need to get an estimation from Alex about the time that would be
    needed to learn how to add things to the PCP.
  * We need to get from Alex what the status is with regard to current
    modifications and the impact of the changes in the Core Architecture.
  * We need to decide what is feasible to implement by the time of the
    review (cf. two previous items). 
  * Dana will work on adding Claudia's RBMM feedback messages to the PCP
    wireframes and then send a message to the UX list.

*_Follow up on Nikos questions_*
"done" on the conditions page doesn't save to the preferences server.
The user has to save from the PMT for this.

> On Dec 2, 2014, at 10:27 AM, Christophe Strobbe <strobbe at hdm-stuttgart.de> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I tried to summarise the discussion from today's PCP-PMT meeting at
>> <http://piratepad.net/c4a-uxmeeting-02-12-2014>. I hope I got it all right.
>> Best regards,
>> Christophe
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