[Ux] PCP-MM feedback wireframes

Dana Ayotte dana.ayotte at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 18:00:59 EST 2014

Hello All,

Please see the wireframes at the link below which show an updated version of the PCP-MM feedback flow for the case where adaptations are automatically applied when a preference is not available on a device.

These are a bit of a departure from what we discussed last week, in that the ability to undo (revert) or try different are embedded directly in the PCP next to each adapted preference. I think there should probably be an "undo all" option in the initial dialog, but would like to get your feedback on this. 

Please also see the notes at the bottom of the wireframes page which describe the flow in more detail.


I realise that time is short for the upcoming review so we may not be able to implement these in their entirety. I'm hoping we can discuss at tomorrow's PCP/PMT meeting.


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