[Ux] PMT & PCP Telecon 19 February 2013

Christophe Strobbe strobbe at hdm-stuttgart.de
Mon Feb 18 12:02:52 EST 2013


Our next PMT and PCP (and Matchmaker feedback tool) telecon will take
place tomorrow at 3 p.m. CET. Since our previous call there has been a
discussion on separating the PCP and the Matchmaker communication/feedback
tool, Andres has described some ideas about the rating system [1], and
CERTH has made available a first draft version of the PMT [2].

So I would like to propose a modification to the agenda that Jess sent
last Wednesday [3]:
* Rating system
* IDRC's design team walks-through the latest designs
* the design team and the development team discuss the following points in
an effort to gain some clarity:
 ** automating the prioritization of preferences for the user
 ** talk through the functionality we image a MM comm tool would add
* CERTH's first draft of the PMT

CERTH asked if this call could last two hours instead of the usual 60
minutes because there is quite a lot to discuss.

You can send additional agenda points to the list.

By the way, a new version of GoToMeeting will be available tomorrow, so if
this call is the first telecon you participate in tomorrow, it may be a
good idea to call in a few minutes earlier.

[1] <http://lists.gpii.net/pipermail/ux/2013-February/000028.html> [2]
<http://lists.gpii.net/pipermail/ux/2013-February/000029.html> [3]

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