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Christophe Strobbe strobbe at hdm-stuttgart.de
Thu May 22 10:23:13 EDT 2014

The online banking simulation (not a real bank, unfortunately :-P ) uses
the Flow Manager to get the preference sets. I assume that one of our
other web applications, namely the smart house simulation also needs to
get the untransformed preference sets, especially since it uses common
terms. But the smart house has transformers that just translate the
names of the preference terms (see
so the answer may  be that we need to add an entry and transformers for
the online banking simulation to the solutions registry.

Best regards,


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Subject: 	[Architecture] Getting Untrasformed Preferences from within
the Browser
Date: 	Thu, 22 May 2014 11:34:42 +0200
From: 	Andreas Stiegler <stiegler at hdm-stuttgart.de>
To: 	<architecture at lists.gpii.net>, "Steffen Kolb" <sk189 at hdm-stuttgart.de>

Heyho everybody,


Within the Online-Banking application, Steffen -- a Student working on
the project -- and I encountered a problem: When querying for the
current Preference-Set from an app that runs within a browser -- say
Chrome -- and there are already transformers for that browser, we only
get the transformed preferences.

Yet, if we want to make a webapp react on preferences, we need a way to
get the unmodified preference set -- or at least a subset of it.


For a "real" application, I guess the solution would be to write a
dedicated set of transformers. Yet, for anything web-based, that becomes
a bit more tricky. Any suggestions?


Best regards,


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