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Boyan Sheytanov bsheytanov at asteasolutions.com
Thu Jul 24 07:27:05 EDT 2014

Hi Gianna!

Thank you for your comments! While it certainly makes sense to extend the
activity until the end of Year 4, this would be very hard for us to
implement from a resource planning perspective. In summary, the challenge
for Astea comes from the fact that this would require us to have several
developers on staff who cannot be fully dedicated to any of our other
projects throughout the next 15 months, as they would need to have some
time reserved for Cloud4All.

On the other hand, if we completely freeze the activity now, we would need
to reassign the developers to other projects. There is no guarantee that we
would be able to assign the same people to Cloud4all next year. This
implies an overhead for new developers to get familiar with the project,
which is not a wise way to spend the already limited amount of time. The
third alternative — spending all the remaining effort till the end of
August, would unfortunately result in a deliverable with limited

To resolve this, we would like to offer a compromise that we discussed with
Gregg at HCII2014 — complete what we can until the end of August and
reserve some limited amount of PMs for Year 4. Our suggestion is for this
amount to be 0.5 PMs — which should be enough to complete the multiple
users scenario once the architecture supports that. Please note that we
would still need a few weeks advance notice before re-assigning somebody to

I hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you have any questions or


On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 11:35 AM, Tsakou Gianna <gtsakou at singularlogic.eu>

>  Hi Boyan,
> What you propose sounds find to me. On the other hand, it might make a bit
> more sense to keep this activity (actually, any SP3 activity) throughout
> the lifetime of the project, in parallel with the architecture evolution.
> The rationale is that the architecture will evolve further during year 4
> and it will be a pity to miss out integrating these further developments
> and having a more impressive demo because the activity stops earlier. But I
> fully understand the issue of PMs, no one should be doing more work than
> planned or unpaid work. So, I was wondering if it would be possible to
> extend this activity time-wise and use the remaining effort you have till
> the end of the project, instead of till the end of August. We would need to
> check this with Manuel, of course, but I think it makes sense. For now, to
> avoid overspending, you could freeze the activity and wait till the
> architecture supports more advanced features (e.g. 2 users in parallel),
> then spend the remaining effort.
> I do not know if this makes sense from your part in terms time planning,
> human resources, etc. Let me know your thoughts. Either way, it is fine for
> me.
> Thanks for the proactive planning.
> Gianna
> *From:* Boyan Sheytanov [mailto:bsheytanov at asteasolutions.com]
> *Sent:* Monday, July 21, 2014 6:19 PM
> *To:* Tsakou Gianna; Gregg Vanderheiden; smarthouses
> *Cc:* Trifon Trifonov
> *Subject:* Remaining work for the SmartHouse online simulation
> Hi everyone!
> A305.3, the Smart house online simulation is ending in August according to
> the DoW. At roughly the same time we will be running out of person months
> on the activity. Therefore, we have created an implementation plan for
> completing the simulation, which you can review in Google Drive
> <https://docs.google.com/a/asteasolutions.com/spreadsheets/d/1MAy0zVzyWHrvDbO8suAlPDUvlg8em5XfnQBzNZs_HGw/edit#gid=0>.
> It is based on a discussion Gregg, Svetlana, and I had at HCII2014 in
> Crete. The summary is as follows:
> ·         We will support adaptations for low vision users in the
> appliances themselves.
> ·         We will support adaptations for cognitive and motor impairments
> via the phone as a controller.
> ·         We will support adaptations for the blind by ensuring the
> simulation is accessible via a screen reader.
> ·         We will demonstrate conflict resolution between two users by
> defining rules for that in the simulation itself (since we won't have
> architectural support for that yet).
> All other tasks won't get implemented (you can see them below line 14 in
> the spreadsheet linked above).
> We plan to leave 0.5PMs in the activity for Year 4 -- so that we have
> allocated effort for responding to architectural changes and user feedback
> from the pilots.
> Let me know if you have questions or comments.
> Best,
> Boyan

Boyan Sheytanov
Lead Systems Engineer
Astea Solutions AD

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