[SmartHouses] HTML5 for smart house simulation

Christophe Strobbe strobbe at hdm-stuttgart.de
Tue Jul 17 15:26:46 UTC 2012


At HdM, we originally wanted to build the framework for the smarthouse
simulation with Adobe Edge, i.e. in HTML5 and CSS3. We then found it was
not possible to make the simulation (more specifically, the image maps)
keyboard accessible, so they were then redone in static HTML. The version
shown in Linz uses HTML4, but the code can quickly be changed to HTML5
(find and replace...). I assume there will be no objections to this, but I
just wanted to let you know.

Best regards,


Christophe Strobbe
Akademischer Mitarbeiter
Adaptive User Interfaces Research Group
Hochschule der Medien
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70569 Stuttgart
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