[Dspace] FYI: Concrete Agenda item regarding DSPACE UX and BB REPOSITORY

Till Riedel riedel at teco.edu
Tue Feb 3 11:54:26 EST 2015

Did not want to be exclusive on the topic (forgot to cc dspace)

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Betreff: Concrete Agenda item regarding DSPACE  UX and BB REPOSITORY
Datum: Tue, 03 Feb 2015 17:51:59 +0100
Von: Till Riedel <riedel at teco.edu>
An: CAE-Vanderhe <gregg at raisingthefloor.org>, Chris Veigl 
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Hi all (relevant WP Leads),

Chris brought this up to make sure that it is covered in the agenda and
I want to raise this now before F2F, given that a lot of people from
IDRC and RtFI cannot be there in person, to make sure that we can
progress on this part of coordination.

We need to coordinate some work within the Developer Space better that
is mentioned in different places across the DoW. This is particularly
the work on the frontend and backend of the repository.The idea would be
to make sure that work is divided without blocking each other.

FHTW has driven some of the efforts (BB REPOSITORY) to make initial
searching and browsing interfaces for the developer space repository
(component listing). However, already on the last Meeting on Crete we
found out that there is a lot of interaction points and uncertainties.

We should use the meeting to also define timelines, particularly because
the Implementers are not driving this topic, but it is very important.

The other Work Packages that are related are:

1. Integration into the global UX for the developer space (ECOSYSTEM
REQUIREMENTS: design specifications for the project delineating the
necessary services, infrastructure)

2. Utilizing a common framework (ARCH & D-SPACE: common framework, data
interchange formats  &  infrastructure developers and designers to
collaboratively build, test, and localize components and the resources
associated with their use, such as documentation, sample code, and

3. Optional: Share some federation technology from the Unified Listing
(UL & MARKETPLACE: population of the database)

4. Optional: Include/Align with Crowdsourcing/Gamification. I think
incentivation is one of the biggest challenges for maintaining the
repository at the moment (GAMIFICATION & CROWD)

The question is do we have all the people in Stuttgart to coordinate the
implementation plans for the next few month?



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