[Architecture] ContextManager: removal of "conditions" handling

Joseph Scheuhammer clown at alum.mit.edu
Wed Oct 23 13:51:42 UTC 2019


Part of the work to remove the environment reporter (GPII-3117 [1]) and
modify the ContextManager involves removing the code that handles the
"conditions:" blocks within the preferences.

Since those blocks will be ignored by the system, it might be
appropriate to remove them from our canned preferences.  An example can
be seen here in "condTest.json5":


The reason to remove them is their presence implies that they have an
affect on the system.  That's no longer the case since they are no
longer processed.  Their absence is more reflective of the actual
situation.  However, before removing them, I want to alert others of the
plan to see if these "conditions:" blocks are needed for anything that
you are working on.

Most of these preferences are the basis for the 'snapset' preferences
preloaded into the database by the dataloader.  Following is a list of
the affected preferences sets.  Note that *none* of the "snapset_x"
preferences are affected by this change (e.g., "snapset_1a"):

- contTest
- condTest2
- li
- manuel
- multi_context
- vladimir

I have found one one other set in the tests folder specifically for
testing conditions (tests/data/preferences/context1.json5).

[1] https://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-3117


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