[Architecture] Adding plugins to issues.gpii.net to support the new deployment workflow.

Tony Atkins tony at raisingthefloor.org
Wed Jun 12 14:01:21 UTC 2019

Hi, All.

As I didn't hear any objections, I installed the plugin (from Atlassian
Labs) that allows us to add instructions to various transition screens.
The other (to require that fields be filled in before a transition can be
executed) is a paid plugin which is free to open source projects.  I need
help from someone associated with our open source Atlassian license to
request a license for the "JSU Automation Suite" from BeeCom.  Here's the
form that needs to be filled out:


Can Alfredo or anyone else assist with this?



On Thu, 6 Jun 2019 at 19:29, Tony Atkins <tony at raisingthefloor.org> wrote:

> Hi, All.
> As we discussed in the F2F earlier, the new deployment workflow lacks two
> key features:
>    1. We cannot display useful instructions on transition screens.
>    2. We cannot require that particular information be provided before a
>    transition can be completed.
> I have addressed these in previous work with JIRA (including within
> Atlassian) using plugins.  The first (to display instructions) is provided
> by Atlassian itself (although unsupported):
> https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JTOOL/overview
> The second (to require fields on transition) is this third-party plugin:
> https://confluence-apps.beecom.ch/display/JSU/Fields+Required+Validator
> I would like provisionally to install these so that we can harden the
> workflow, but wanted to put the links out there for Alfredo and others to
> review first.  Anyway, please review and comment.
> Cheers,
> Tony
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