[Architecture] Heads up: Problem with our Windows VM

Javier Hernandez javi at raisingthefloor.org
Tue Jul 23 17:44:35 UTC 2019

Two hours ago I was creating a new Windows VM to get some work done and to
my surprise, npm install was not working anymore.

If you try, you'll get an error similar to this one:

After investigating the problem, looks like ref-napi (which is a dependency
of ffi-napi) depends on node-addon-api, which an hour ago received an
update which is causing this build failure on our side.

The maintainers of ref-napi are already aware of it since they have a bot
that takes care of keeping track of changes in its dependencies (

As a workaround, we can add node-addon-api at 1.6.3 to our dependency list so
ref-napi will be happy with such version and won't pull 1.7.0 (the
offending one). I haven't tested this from gpii-app, but I guess that the
same workaround should work.

I'll keep an eye on this and see if they manage to deal with the situation
shortly. If not, I'll submit a PR tomorrow that allow us to keep going
until the problem is fixed upstream.

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