[Architecture] Cortana Show Me

Steve Lee steve at opendirective.com
Thu Aug 30 16:46:47 UTC 2018

The problem is you need to know what you want and that it exists.
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On 30 August 2018 at 17:43, Steve Lee <steve at opendirective.com> wrote:
> One approach to user discovery of preference settings for Windows
> David Dzumba‏ @ddzumba
> Cortana Show Me guides you step-by-step through settings, such as high
> contrast, Narrator, magnifier, reducing distractions, and more.
> Story: hhttps://medium.com/microsoft-design/bringing-inclusive-practices-to-product-design-e8bd37dd1682
> Download the app: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/cortana-show-me/9pl1gmkcxm8c
> Steve Lee
> OpenDirective http://opendirective.com

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