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Steven Githens swgithen at mtu.edu
Thu Aug 23 16:43:27 UTC 2018


I don't believe there is anything that is elegant in a way that mailto: is requiring just markup to launch in a specific search engine.
From javascript, on desktop browsers that allow you to select the default browser search engine, I believe that those stored settings would still not be available to the in page script sandbox for security reasons. So you wouldn't be able to fetch that value and craft a specific URL to open a new page in. ( I might be wrong on this. )
So in the context of a general purpose tag that you could use anywhere, I don't think this is possible at the current time. Would likely require some sort of standardization.
In the context of wanting to do this for specific applications, or specific applications, or perhaps even just being ok with defaulting to google or something if the infrastructure wasn't there, you could theoretcially do something like:
1) Write a browser extension to to decorate the page with that type of information, or
2) Do something like add it as a GPII preference, and if you were in an environment where you were keyed in, you could perform another request to get the default search engine, or
3 ) Also in a GPII context, make that custom search request to a local or remote flowmanger, or GPII browser extension, and have it rewrite the URL and send it back, opening a new page with that request.

It's not a bad idea for an html tag, it would be interesting to hear from Lidiya or someone on where this might be used.

On Aug 23 2018, at 6:29 am, gregg at raisingthefloor.org wrote:
> Is there a search equivalent to the mailto markup in HTML?
> That is, is there a way to have a link that when you click on it it will open up a given string in the user’s default search engine?
> We would like to make it so that it is possible for someone to be able to just click on a phrase in our webpage (Unified Listing) and have it open up in a search engine, but we don’t want to decide in advance which search engine is used.
> If it’s not available in HTML markup, is there a simple JavaScript function or something like that that we can use.
> Thanks much
> Gregg
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