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Thu Aug 16 21:00:22 UTC 2018

The Review was an unmitigated success.  

Even if we did not need to do it for their requirements — it was very well worth the effort.   The combination of the intro presentation  —  the demo — and the fact that every time they pushed, what they felt was solid  —  has completely changed the dynamic with RSA.   The project officer was very pleased.   Midway he remarked that for the first time he had seen the light…. see it actually work all the way from setting preferences to seeing those preferences show up on another computer.    The QSS’s ability to make it easy to explore —  combined with the ability to save and have it show up on the next computer — had amazing effects on all of them; making it real and simple and clear.    

Here is a link to the exit meeting where they presented their report.   It starts out good and gets better. 

Play recording <https://umd.webex.com/umd/lsr.php?RCID=c2c119db485140818a837de0e4b56750> (51 min 10 sec)

Thanks to the ASTEA and the whole QSS team for bringing it home.   And the fact that it went from first concept in May to reality in August was very impressive to them. 

Thanks to Tyler for coming up with the AWS server idea - and Tyler and DevOops for ensuring the server was there that we needed for “save".

Thanks to Cindy for stepping forward and making the “save" possible in time for this review (when it wasn’t on the original plan to have it done in time)

Thanks to Justin for giving us all the UIO+  changes and making those functions work on the QSS in time for the demo

Thanks to Steve for making the key language, contrast and zoom features on QSS actually work.   

Thanks to Antranig and team for getting the plumbing in place - and innovating where needed to make it work.

Thanks to Sandra for keeping track of all the bits so we didnt drop any. 

Thanks to  Colin for shepherding all the technical changes and challenges through to completion.

Thanks to Ignacio and Ben for getting the web help page up (and Daune and Bern for getting content into it)

Thanks to Javi for his problem continual solving — and creating build after build in the middle of the night til we got it working.

Thanks to Bern, David and Amarja for coming in and doing all the testing and prep that made the demo’s work.

Thanks to Bern, Maureen, Bern, Colin, Sandra, Vera, Eugene,  Amarja, Daune, and Rashida for both the prep and the great job in the interviews.

Thanks to Eva for the prep work on the council plan and PO posting so we had good answers for that when it came up. 

Thanks to those I forgot above since my brain is fried — and to everyone for working on everything else above to make this happen.  Everything above and not listed above worked because of teamwork. 

It was all these features - and the glue that made it all work — that made it come alive and be real and turn their heads. 

In the recording you will hear the project officer — and hear how delighted he was.     He even jokes that this may be the first time he said something positive.    That’s not really correct — but it is true that mostly all we have heard are concerns and worries from him.    There are lots of people all the way to the top of the RSA and the Dept of Education that are looking at this and wanting assurances that this was on track ——  and the PO wasn’t confident enough until now to confidently say — it is on track, making good progress, with very good probability of being a success. 

This has made all the difference.   We knew but they did not.   You have made it a lot easier for all of us — but most of all for Kate and I. 

AND - I will say that what we have now is so much better than what we set out to build.   The fundamentals are the same but the design and functionality are way ahead.      It has been said that the iPhone didn't introduce anything that wasn’t already available in the Microsoft phone.     At least in function.  But the interface and the way the functions were integrated made it all work.   Same here.

If you didn't listen to the intro recording,  Please do.  It outlines a new direction we are talking about with regard to pilots. It is just the first description — and will evolve over time in discussion with RSA — but it is an evolution I want you all to be aware of — both so you know where we are going — and so you can contribute to the thinking and planning. 

Here is the link 

Introduction to Morphic and Our Plan going forward Aug 2018 <https://www.dropbox.com/s/9p7utjig7p621wr/2018%20August%20video%20of%20GPII%20for%20RSA.mp4?dl=0>
Skip ahead 10 minutes if you want to skip over Mary’s intro to the purpose of the review. 

Congratulations again.  
Could not have gone better. 

all the best

Gregg and Kate 

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