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Gregg Vanderheiden GPII gregg at raisingthefloor.org
Sun Aug 5 14:01:26 UTC 2018

Hi Everyone

One of the result of the new Group permission approach is that a document now half a dozen GROUP permissions on it rather than 60-70 INDIVIDUAL permissions as before.   

So when a document should be locked - it is possible to set it to view only with only a few clicks.

It is also possible to set a document to COMMENT .   {in most all cases this is a better idea than VIEW ONLY since it allows comments on errors or other issues}

NOTE:  Once you change the inherited permissions to a document - you can no longer restore them back to accepting inherited.     It remembers the specific permission you gave it. 
for example
a document has inherited “edit” frights for all groups
it is marked as “view only” for a group
it is then marked back to “edit”
then the whole folder is marked “view only” 
the document will still be “edit” even though all the other documents in the folder will now have the inherited permission of “view only” 
if you think this is confusing — you are right.   But it has always been this way. the easiest (only) way to know the status of a document is to look at its permissions.  This is now MUCH easier.

it is suggested that when a document is finalized — 
the permissions on it are changed to either 
Either one will prevent it from being changed.    The latter allows comments and “edit suggestions” but will not change the base document. 

documents that are OLD should be 
moved into a subfolder titled OLD.    
have  OLD added to their titles and 
OLD written at the top of the document.   
This is a bit of work, but it avoids the problems we have been having with people referring to obsolete documents.  Note that just moving them into OLD does not necessarily work since people often get to the documents by direct link — and cannot see that they are in an OLD folder. 

please police the folders you have responsibility for - to keep them up to date and organized. 
if you see old or obsolete or incorrect information somewhere — let the leader for that area or subarea know


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