[Architecture] GPII works in WINDOWS 10 !!!!!

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Rich Schwerdtfeger

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Date:	07/21/2015 04:16 PM
Subject:	[Architecture] GPII works in WINDOWS 10 !!!!!
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Just put the March install of GPII on a computer with Windows 10   — and it
works  !!!

      keyboard works — on and off
      magnifier works — on and off    (and keyboard doesn’t turn the
      magnifier on !)
      NVDA works — on and off   (though evidently NVDA needs some fixes to
      work well on Win10 — our GPII can launch and stop it no problem)
      Elaine works — on and off
      Screen Resolution change works — on and off

Champaign anyone?


Gregg Vanderheiden
gregg at raisingthefloor.org

Technical notes

      I had old install on win7 computer  - it worked fine
      I installed Win 10 on computer  — GPII sort of worked but not well.
      Things didn’t turn off  (see earlier email on architecture)
      I installed the new LGS MSI installer -  nothing much worked
      I did an uninstall  (which seemed to remove some but not all of the
      I got an old March GPII version  (just a GPII folder you drag into
      Program (x86) folder and a shortcut)
      I put the GPII folder in the Programs(x86) folder
      I clicked on the shortcut - and nothing seemed to work.
      I double clicked on  GPIIWindows8.exe     in the GPII folder  in the
      Program (x86) folder
      I hand launched the GPII_RFIDListener.exe     in the GPII folder  in
      the  Program (x86) folder    (left over from previous install?)
      I tested it — and everything worked as above. !
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