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Dear All,


First of all, congratulations to everyone who prepared and attended the
review meeting for the successful demonstration and presentation of the


Second, I would like to inform (and remind in some cases) you about the
technical validation that need to be addressed:


1.      For the applications that haven't gone yet through the preparation
of a technical validation plan, it is extremely urgent to proceed with this
step. For some of the applications this wasn't possible up to now due to
pending integration issues. If that is the case, please let me know. On the
Technical Validation page you will find all the information needed to
prepare your validation plan (http://wiki.gpii.net/w/Technical_Validation),
and let me know if you need additional clarifications. Also, I can help you
with the preparation of the plan, if you send me the documentation of the


2.      As you already know, except of the iterative technical validation
steps (supposed to precede the pilot tests) we have started the periodic
(monthly) testing of the integration of SP3 applications with the GPII, to
find out if there are any problems due to changes on either side. During the
last few months the GPII has gone through quite a few changes, which have
affected more or less the integration of most applications/components. The
periodic tests have started in November 2014, and Eleni Chalkia is
conducting the mobile applications tests, while I do them for all other
applications (Maavis, SmartHouse, Sociable, Supernova, DTV, Linux-Gnome,
Orca, Windows7, NVDA, DTV, TVM, Read&Write Gold, Google Chrome, WebAnywhere,
BrowseAloud, SAToGo, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Online banking simulation,
EASIT4All, EasyOneCommunicator). Regarding the applications I do the
testing, for the first rounds, only some of these applications were tested,
due to the pending integration in most of the other cases. You can find the
testing results also on the wiki page, by accessing the link to the excel
file in section 5
cal_Validation_Testing_Results ). Please check the file, and if I haven't
tested your application yet while it is integrated and ready to be tested
please contact me as soon as possible.


3.      From Monday (23rd of January 2015) I will start a new testing round,
for which, for windows, I will work with a fresh install of the GPII
following Steven Githens instructions as sent around on the 21st of January
2015 ( I suppose this would give me the most up-to-date and bug-free version
of the gpii). If I noted down any problems in the test results file for your
application and I haven't contacted you to work it out could be because
there was a know issue (i.e. gpii having problems with reading correctly xml
configuration files after the last changes) I would appreciate if you could
let me know if the issue has been solved. For the applications that I
haven't tested yet, please let me know if there are any known pending
issues, and any workarounds. There are two special cases, the DTV and TVM,
for which we need to arrange how and when to perform the tests (Jasmin and
Thomas - I will send you separate e-mails).


If you need any further clarifications don't hesitate to contact me if it is
about the applications I mention at point 2 or Eleni for the mobile


Best regards,





Otilia Kocsis

Ph.D, Senior Researcher

Nirvana 24, Patras, Greece

E-mail:  okocsis at bok.gr

Phone:  +30 2610 438382

Mobile: +30 6976310508


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