[Architecture] Ensuring the statistical matchmaker works before Luxembourg

Thomas Soens Thomas.Soens at tpvision.com
Tue Jan 13 11:47:25 EST 2015

Hi Kasper,

When can I expect the deployment of the SMM?

At the moment everything runs locally on the TV.
I need to make a production build of the DTV software for the demo.  This means that the gpii code cannot be changed anymore once that build is flashed on the TV.
Making such a production build is a long process (a day) designed to ensure all DRM keys within the TV remain secure and no untrusted code can be run.

I would need to make the necessary configuration changes before the meeting in Luxembourg.  If there would be an issue, I could make just one new production build in Luxembourg.
I have asked to have write access on the gpii files on TV to do it on the fly in Luxembourg, but our architecture team normally doesn’t allow opening the system on a production build (because it allows running untrusted code).

It seems like a big risk to me to add this component to a demo at this time.

Kind regards,

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Hi Kasper,

The blocks in the pref set are only to ensure that the SMM I used (given the dispatcher is included in the Luxemburg version).
The idea behind those two SMM scenarios is, that both are scenarios where vlad encounters devices that he never used before (ticket machine, hotel screen), but were used by many other people already. So what the SMM does is searching through its database for users that have similarity to the other settings that vlad used in the past and infer settings for it (and magically, our training data for the review covers both the vending machine and the dtv well).
We did tests with the SMM here covering both scenarios. So unless vlads pref set changed, all should be fine. We were never able to test it with the actual vending machine or screen hardware of course.

Testing should be rather simple as the SMM is being deployed on the IDRC cloud. Once that’s done you should just be able log in with the pref set and the respective context active. The dispatcher will forward to the SMM and apply the settings.

The whole call chain works and was tested over here, but I don’t know if the dispatcher is already in.

If you want to install the SMM locally, just go to https://github.com/REMEXLabs/GPII-Statistical-Matchmaker , and follow the instructions (npm install and delete duplicate infusion inclues).

I’ll only be available very sporadically this week, as I’m giving guest lectures in Glasgow.

Best regards,

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Subject: Ensuring the statistical matchmaker works before Luxembourg

Hi Andy,

Hope you've had a nice christmas and new year!

We're getting scarily close to the review meeting and in that connection I have some questions/requests for you:

  *   For the vladimir scenario - there are some blocks describing that the STMM should be used (https://github.com/kaspermarkus/universal/blob/review3/testData/preferences/vladimir.json#L76-L87). These are modeled as context blocks, but it's not clear to me how the system would evaluate these blocks to be active.. Could you clarify this?
  *   We have not yet tested any of the ST MM scenarios and it would be good to have done so as soon as possible. Since the ST MM is used in the scenarios of the Kiosk and DTV, the only people really able to test it properly pre-luxembourg would be Jasmin and Thomas respectively. So, would you be able to write up instructions to them on how to set everything up, deploy the ST MM and run the tests so they can try it out and we can find any potential issues before meeting up in luxembourg?

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