[Architecture] Security Meeting Notes, January 5, 2015

Bates, Simon sbates at ocadu.ca
Mon Jan 5 09:35:35 EST 2015



*       Left to do and plan for the week

Left to do

*       Move development to gpii/universal [DONE]

*       Integrate with the Cloud Based Flow Manager

o   Initial integration done

o   What is left to do to retrieve preferences for a user that Easit4All can integrate with?

*       Tests

o   https://github.com/amb26/universal/commit/e55b2806ffbf8e6bf9e1878a4b1408bfc21106e7#diff-78edb5851c709ca6a6e86bb70b1de661R90

*       Deploy OAuth2 protected Cloud Based Flow Manager to cloud

*       Log out [DONE]

*       Use the solutions registry

*       Preferences filtering (UI and server)

*       PMT link to privacy settings

o   have link in UI but will need final destination

*       CouchDB (not for review)



*       What is our time line? 19th and 20th meeting to run through and review is on 21st and 22nd

o   Kasper travelling to work with Javi on 16th

o   we want to have everything working for the morning of 16th -- including any integrations that we want to show

*       What do we need for demo in terms of deployment?

o   deploy to cloud?

o   separate from existing instance of Cloud Based Flow Manager or replace?

o   just run locally?

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