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Hello everyone.


I wish you Happy New Year and all the best for 2015! I hope you had great
time and enjoy your holidays.


I have updated the
http://wiki.gpii.net/w/Cloud4all_Pilot_3_-_Set_up_and_installation with the
PMT installation instructions.





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Subject: C4A: Tasks for review meeting


Hi everyone,


There are several last minute things that still need to happen before the
review in January. For details, please see the wiki page:


Specifically, these are the outstanding tasks: 



1.    Mouse trails should be on for the Vladimir lobby scenario

2.    NP set for subway

3.    Create NP sets for Li and the two devices


Claudia and Nick:

1.    Device reporter file for the classroom scenario

2.    Run through the classroom scenario and ensure all users are working as

3.    Ensure RBMM supports screen resolution

4.    Set magnification factor for Li in Supernova



1.    Full integration of the Chrome Extension including the settings

2.    Test the Chrome Extension with the Vladimir review scenario, the rule
based match maker, and the other installed solutions.



1.    Windows and Linux install instructions

2.    Give the RWG settings for Franklin to Claudia



1.    PCP/FM integration

2.    Merge context reporting work related to the subway scenario

3.    Update the cloud based FM for the classroom scenario

4.    Create ‘reset’ tag for classroom scenario

5.    FM part of CAS



1.    Test the review scenario for DTV, Vladimir and STMM



1.    Ticket vending machine integration

2.    Test the review scenario with the big ticket machine

3.    Ensure we have a video connection and a back up solution in case it



1.    Merge ticket vending integration into the review branch

2.    Andriod setup instructions for the subway scenario

3.    Environment reporter on Android



1.    Implement the mini-matchmaker and integrate it

2.    Implement the automatic generation of conditions in MMM

3.    Integrate the twitter client

4.    Integrate the environmental reporter

5.    Run through the Vladimir subway scenario



1.    Test MA in the classroom scenario for ‘Chris’ and ‘Li’



1.    Implement the context aware server



1.    Ensure Virtual Magnifying Glass can be entered in SAT

2.    Run through the developer scenario and ensure everything is working



1.    Describe how and where to include the PMT and PCP code



1.    Include PMT/PCP in the installer and update instructions


I won’t be available until January, so please make sure you make use of the
lists if you have any questions or need any help. 

Thanks everyone! 

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