[Architecture] Concerns about remaining PCP/PMT work

Boyan Sheytanov bsheytanov at asteasolutions.com
Fri Sep 12 06:21:49 EDT 2014

Hi team!

I'd like to express some concerns about the remaining work for PCP/PMT by
the end of Year 3 (in only 1.5 months!):

1. There are pull requests pending review for GPII-539
<http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-539> Correct LifecycleManager's update
method to apply live updates from PCP via Websockets:

   - universal/pull/251 <https://github.com/GPII/universal/pull/251> -
   finalized 28 days ago
   - prefsEditors/pull/66 <https://github.com/GPII/prefsEditors/pull/66> -
   confirmed as ready for merge by Justin on Jul 9

I know there is a lot of work on your plate (26 open pull requests for
universal and 7 for prefsEditors, among other repos and new tasks) but at
the same time feel that pull request review should take priority over
development tasks. Quite a few of the PCP work depends on the pull requests
mentioned above. While I realize work can continue off the corresponding
branches while the pulls get merged, this adds some development overhead,
and more importantly - makes it hard to judge where we are with the
implementation and how that might affect the Year 3/review plan. Can we put
the pulls referenced above high on your radar?

2. It seems to me that the PCP-MM communication, which is a key feature of
the system, got lost among other tasks. Could we dig it up and see where we
are on that? Alex is working on the PCP part, but is there someone
responsible on the MM part?

3. What is the demonstration scenario for PCP for the Year 3 EC review?
There are a number of questions related to that in the last PCP/PMT meeting
minutes <http://lists.gpii.net/pipermail/ux/2014-September/001163.html>,
but no answers. Can someone answer them?

4. Astea will run out of PMs for PCP work at the end of October. We would
like to get as much done as possible - but need help from all of you in
terms of reviewing pull requests, clarifying requirements, and making
decisions in a timely manner. Let us know what we can do to speed up that


Boyan Sheytanov
Lead Systems Engineer
Astea Solutions AD

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