[Architecture] C4A: Architecture Meeting minutes, Aug 13, 2014

Kasper Markus kasper at raisingthefloor.org
Thu Aug 14 07:43:37 EDT 2014


  * Colin, Antranig, Kasper met about preferences sets and updated the
    format - added details to the metadata portion of the payload -
    updated the example on the wiki (our working example:
    https://code.stypi.com/cdlxfnhd )
  * Found new editor for shared coding that doesn't destroy tabs:
  * Kasper is working on getting the ontology server working
  * Antranig is working on asynchronous setting handlers
  * mini arch summit in sunny Cambridge (Sep. 10-12 - focused on prefs
    set format)
  * Javi is working on Context-related stuff, updated some JIRAS/pull
    requests (414,881,900...)
  * Simon is working on automated tests. Tests are runnable from
    Jenkins. Setting up a VM is currently manual and Simon will be
    automating it.
  * Windows 8 test failure investigation:
    http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-899 - in summary, we need to
    change our method for killing processes.
  * Slim: Has been canooing waterfalls until this week - but will work
    on RFIDs this week:
  * Githens merged some pull requests.
  * Made a milestone build of LGS using Thanos's installer.

*Device Reporter Status:*

  * GPII-413 is almost ready

*Acceptance Tests/node update*

  * Working on the acceptance tests - and it should be ready by the end
    of this week
  * Once ^ makes it in, the node updating should be ok

*Pull requests:*

  * Universal: ( https://github.com/GPII/universal/pulls )
      o GPII-881: Adding full description about Orca and its support in
        the GPII <ANTVANIG>
      o GPII-94: Use UINT for SPI_?ETMOUSETRAILS rather than BOOL <ANTVANIG>
      o GPII-840 (Patch 10): sign lang prefs sets for Online Banking
      o GPII-875 (Patch 9): new solution: Online Banking Demo <KASPER>
      o GPII-679: Updated all licence headers of the source code for the
        universal repo <ANTVANIG>
      o added support for two new terms: onscreenkeyboard and cursor
        size, made ... <JAVI>
      o GPII-779: Add support in Android for detecting installed
        solutions <JAVI should update to master - then wait till device
        reporter work is finalized>
      o GPII-840: Carla for online banking <KASPER>
      o GPII-804: Add transformation for the SmartHouses volume <ANTVANIG>
      o GPII-794: Add scaling transformation for the SmartHouses font
        size <ANTVANIG>
      o GPII-539: Correct LifecycleManager's update method to apply live
        updates from PCP via Websockets
      o Update transformation for 'tracking' common term in Linux <JAVI
        to fix, KASPER to review>
      o GPII-413: Add a dynamic Device Reporter <JAVI ensure that it's
        up to date .. review waits till all dynamic device reporter
        stuff is done>
      o Pilots2: Fixing NP sets for acceptance tests <CLOSED>
      o GPII-658: Added new configuration to be used for second pilots
      o GPII-671: Removed '.set' from all the settinghandlers in the
        solution registry entries, updated lifecyclemanager to support
        this<KASPARNET update, ANTRANIG REVIEW>
      o GPII-359: Simplified preferences sets are provided in MA
        specific terms.... <LEAVING BE UNTIL CAMBRIDGE>
      o GPII-641: Removed all non built-in entries from the device
      o Master -- My 2nd attempt for supernova integration <KASPARNET>
      o GPII-337 Set up device reporter payloads for each pilot scenario
      o GPII-228: Implementation of snapshotter <IGNORING FOR NOW>
      o GPII-328: Go to home screen after stopping eCmobile/eCtouch
        <JAVI will update this, ANTVANIG>
      o GPII-516: Very basic support for SAToGo <LEAVING FOR NOW>
      o GPII-215 added Contrast and SelfVoicing common terms to Maavis
        prefs <SLIM to add acceptance tests, KASPARNET will review>
      o GPII-457: Adding better support for the cloud based flow manager
        , solutions registry and match maker. <IGNORED - will become
        irellevant once we have security implemented>
      o GPII-213: <KASPARNET - request acceptance tests, review>
  * Linux:
      o GPII-879: Removing show-cross-hairs from GNU/Linux
        AcceptanceTests <ANTVANIG>
      o GPII-679: Updated license header files for all source codes as
        well as the general LICENCE file of the repo <ANTVANIG>
      o GPII-413: Add a Device Reporter plugin based-up on PackageKit
      o GPII-288: Log settings for current token(s) on Linux <CLOSE>
      o GPII-288: Copy Orca settings for current token(s) <CLOSE>
      o GPII-658: Update configuration to use when running acceptance
        tests <CLOSED>
      o GPII-629: Fixed up get handler to handle more solution entries
        and not depend on being keyed by 'data' <ANTVANIG>
  * Windows:
      o GPII-94: Update GPII to run on Node 0.10.29 on Windows <Pending
        acceptance tests fix>
      o GPII-679: Updated license header files for all source codes as
        well as the general LICENCE file of the repo <ANTVANIG>
      o GPII-288: Log settings for current token(s) on Windows <CLOSE>
      o GPII-641: Removed all non built-in entries from the device
        reporter. <SKIP IT>
      o GPIIuserListener now buildable and updated <SLIM should update>
      o Improvements to readme and build automation <continue to ignore
        untill GPII userlistener makes it in>
  * Android:
      o pull/21 - GPII-679: Updated/added license headers to the code,
        added a license file at the root folder <HENS to review>
      o pull/21 - Pegged anode dependency to a specific commit to
        preserve anode 1.0.4 jar...
      o pull/20 - GPII-779: Add support in Android for detecting
        installed solutions <WAIT till all dynamic device reporter stuff
        is ready>
      o pull/19 - fixed jtar version anode and dependencies webinos ---
        duped with pull/21 - same problem, different solution ---
      o pull/17 - GPII-671: Updated android audiomanager to adhere to
        the contract of the settings handlers (which is: have a '.get'
        and a '.set' function) <JAVI review>
      o pull/11 - Added minSdkVersion to manifest file, fixes weird
        layout problem <CLOSE - should be fixed in another way>

Kasper Galschiot Markus
Lead Research Engineer,
Raising the Floor - International,

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