[Architecture] C4A: Architecture meeting minutes, Aug. 6, 2014

Kasper Markus kasper at raisingthefloor.org
Wed Aug 6 12:53:15 EDT 2014


  * Updates
  * Update on Matchmaker acceptance test creation.
  * Update on Simon/Antranig acceptance test and node upgrade work
  * Acceptance tests in windows 8
  * Adding CAS in the incubator


  * Estimates are required for the year 3 work
  * the end to end testing plan is coming together - SILO is going to be
    running weekly tests once Kasper and Michelle get them a test plan
  * Michelle is looking at Infusion pull requests that are blocking the
    Linux tests
  * Pull requests made for grunt scripts and linting. Though these
    affects other pull reqests, they're important and should be
    prioritized for review.
  * Antranig: We need to improve the module loading and repository
    structure(?) to make the workflow easier when making cross
    repository changes, etc.
  * Antranigs wiki page on module loading:
  * Javi: Worked on device reporting for reporting things for the
    context team (soundcard, etc)
  * Bates: committed work done so far on automation:
    https://github.com/simonbates/gpii-automation . Currently windows
    specific, but we can put linux/android stuff in there as well -
    perhaps keeping the OS specific stuff in subfolders and cross
    platform in root.
  * Bates: looking at Jenkins for the test automation. Looking promising
    so that's the option that is being explored
  * Hens: Working on grunt stuff - merged with antranigs work.

*Update on Matchmaker acceptance test creation.*

  * Dana, Antranig and Colin are meeting on use cases - so this can be a
    starting point in this activity.
  * Besides that, nothing new on this topic - saving for next time.

*Update on Simon/Antranig acceptance test and node upgrade work*

  * We cant implement the stopgap solution without asynchronous
    settingshandlers. A pull request should be ready by the end of the
    week. This should be merged with simons work when tested. Once this
    is in, everything should (hopefully) start to work properly

*Acceptance tests in windows 8*

  * For the automation of running tests in a VM, the work has been done
    in win8 as a non-priviliged user. The tests have never been seen to
    all pass in this mode. Has anyone tried running the acceptance tests
    on windows 8? NO(!). For homing in on the issues:
      o Isolating tests and see which consistently fails (or pass)
          + Removing tests that use SPI
          + ???
      o Task killing is likely to be the issue for at least some of
        these. Our use of task-kill requires escalated privileges, which
        is not in the above described setup. This problem is described
        by http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-12

*Adding Context Aware Server in the GPII Incubator*

  * It's very open to code - it doesn't require review.
  * https://github.com/gpii-incubator
  * Hens will create a project in the GPII incubator organization and
    ensure that guillem has commit access to that repository


  * Everyone: Add JIRA estimates
  * Hens will create a project in the GPII incubator organization and
    ensure that guillem has commit access to that repository
  * All committers - look through
    http://wiki.gpii.net/w/GPII_Technical_Standards and see if you agree
    whether these are up to the standards as we understand them

Kasper Galschiot Markus
Lead Research Engineer,
Raising the Floor - International,

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