[Architecture] Matchmaker Technical Meeting, round #5 - Doodle poll

Andreas Stiegler stiegler at hdm-stuttgart.de
Tue Apr 29 05:36:11 EDT 2014

Heyho everybody,


With the diagram I tried to focus on the actual API interaction for
scenarios like mobile phones with no internet connection. I guess it would
make a good agenda point for todays meeting, as I found many different
approaches on that, so should be best to sync that in the full group.

Sorry again for the mess on my side.


Best regards,



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Hi everyone,


I still prefer the years old diagram that was showed in
pdf ) and updated in Madrid


But maybe that’s because every father thinks that their children are the
prettiest :-P 


This two-sided arrow is a good fit for the new (to me) local flow manager.


Kind Regards,


Andrés Iglesias Pérez

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Heyho Claudia,


Nope didn’t forget, just wasn’t able to finish it yet :) I prepared a
diagram with the flow between the mini matchmaker and the cloud one


Yet, we still have to precisely identify which of these relations we really
need and how their interaction works. Sorry for the delay! Been busy around


Best regards,



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Hi Andy, 

In preparation of today's technical meeting, we had the task to concretize
MM workflows as a basis to decide on APIs/workflows and that we can plan
next steps. Did you forget about this task? You wanted to send Andres and me
first drafts but I did not receive any mail from you since our last meeting.

As it is important that these workflows suits requirements of both
matchmakers, we cannot discuss/decide on this topic during the meeting today
unless I (and the RBMM team) had the chance to look at your sketches
beforehand. Hence, we need to shift this topic at least to one week. 

Could you please clarify what is the status of your draft? If you have to
many thinks on you plate I could take this work over. Just let me know. 
Best regards, 


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Re: Matchmaker Technical Meeting, round #5 - Doodle poll


Tue, 22 Apr 2014 14:57:28 +0200


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Hi Matchmakers,

Our afternoons is getting tighter and tighter, but there is a timeslot
available on Tuesday, 29th, 14:00-16:00 CEST (8 AM EST)

>From my previous mail, I think these should still be the goals:

I think we should aim at getting at some concrete goals, dates and plans for
everything we've previously discussed during these meetings... That'll allow
us to incorporate this into the greater upcoming C4A roadmap and start

A reminder of the tasks that were decided on last time: 

*	Andy, Claudia and Andres: will work through some specific example MM
workflows. (andy will sketch them, send them around, start discussion
*	Andres: Do some sketches of specific conditions, consider required
types. (send around, start asynchronous discussion)

We will have the meeting  in https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/619028605

See you then,



Kasper Galschiot Markus
Lead Research Engineer,
Raising the Floor - International,



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