[Architecture] Communication between Matchmaker and PCP

Alexander Milchev amilchev at asteasolutions.com
Fri Apr 25 08:01:34 EDT 2014

Hi Claudia, Christophe and all,

I'm creating this thread with the idea to open a discussion on how the
interaction between the Matchmaker and PCP should be achieved.

"Interaction" here stands for these two major moments:

   - *From MM to PCP*: The set of adjusters that PCP shows should
   correspond to the currently logged user's needs. This means that the
   Matchmaker should provide this information to PCP in some way. Additional
   questions may be:
      - will the MM provide user's needs (e.g. "low vision") or directly
      suggest adjusters to be shown (e.g. Contrast, Magnification)? I
suggest the
      second choice since compactness is what PCP is primarily aiming for.
      - if so, will the MM inform of specific adjusters or whole adjuster

   - *From PCP to MM*: The PCP will provide the user rating system, which
   currently is under discussion, as far as I know between 5 star or
   like/dislike. In any case, the PCP is responsible for bringing this
   feedback to the Matchmaker.
      - will the PCP inform of the rating selected by the user *only* or
      both the rating + the final set of adjuster values he/she has left? I
      suppose again the second option is more reasonable here.

We should think of the best way to create a *proper pipeline between MM and
PCP*, through which we'll perform the communication in both directions.
After that, we need to discuss the exact format in which the messages will
be sent.

Looking forward to your thoughts on this.


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