[Architecture] Problems found at end-to-end validation

Ignacio Peinado Martínez ipeinado at technosite.es
Wed Apr 23 10:35:06 EDT 2014

Hi all,

Eleni, thanks for the testing, that's really useful feedback. We have been also doing some tests and found more or less the same problems. Regarding the activation of the high contrast in a Windows machine, please check if the machine where you are making the tests is 32- or 64-bit. In the latter case, you will need to apply a patch that is provided in the set up instructions in the wiki. We have been trying in a 32-bit machine and we ran into the same problem; then we changed the Windows theme to a non-aero theme and it started working. Please try that to check if it works.

Regarding the issue in Linux we found the same problem, we tried to key in with the freshly created tokens and it didn't work (although it worked with Sammy).

Next I summarize some of the issues we found during today's testing.

·         The PMT does not apply any changes after creating the token. Let me explain myself: we opened the PMT and change one of the settings (i.e. high contrast to white on black), and then click 'save and apply'. Then, once the user is keyed in, we made another change (i.e. change the magnification level), and nothing changed.

·         In pilotsConfig, snapshotting launches a 'fetching preferences' error.

·         If in the PMT you select a volume level higher than 100, NVDA crashes (only emits noise until you manually set the volume to an acceptable level). Can't we limit the volume range in the PMT so that does not happen?

·         When you select the high contrast option in the PMT and click 'Save and apply', the Windows theme changes but the PMT doesn't. If you refresh the browser, the PMT changes to high contrast mode. The same thing happens when you sign out (the PMT in Firefox doesn't refresh). Could we add a simple Javascript instruction (i.e. document.location.reload()) to automatically refresh the PMT after these events?

·         Next, you will find some corrections to the Spanish translations that we would like to have implemented before the beginning of the pre-pilots.

-          Pronunciar texto --> Lector de pantalla

-          mis preferencias --> Mis preferencias

-          todas las preferencias --> Todas las preferencias

-          guardar y aplicar --> Guardar y aplicar

-          Volumen (related to the screen reader) --> Volumen del lector de pantalla

-          Anunciar --> Opciones de voz

-          Letras mayúsculas --> Decir "mayus" antes de mayúsculas

-          Instrucciones cuando un interactivo adquiera foco (p. ej. Un botón) --> Leer mensajes de ayuda

-          Releer --> Opciones al escribir

-          Repetir letra una vez escrita --> Leer caracteres al escribir

-          Repetir palabra una vez escrita --> Leer palabras al escribir

-          Resaltado de texto --> Leer texto por

-          Contraste --> Alto contraste

-          Resaltar lugar --> Cruz en pantalla

-          Mostrar punto de mira --> Mostrar cruz en pantalla

-          Idioma (general option) --> Idioma del sistema

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Ignacio Peinado Martínez
R&D Department, Technosite, Grupo Fundosa

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Hi all,

I did some tests today going from Windows to Linux and vice versa. Below you may see my main problems.

Go to the PCP and choose high contrast black on yellow --> error.The system should automatically switch to high contrast but nothing happened Press save --> error. The system should switch to high contrast but nothing happened Go to the PCP and choose high contrast white on black --> error. The system should automatically switch to high contrast but nothing happened Press save --> ok. The change was stored and presented.

Log out -->error. The system did not returned back to initial contrast theme (when I run the trial again for 2nd time the system returned to the initial settings, but the address line of Mozilla did not) Open pilots config tool and Select Rule-based Matchmaker (without solution selection option)--> ok Go to Linux and Loggin --> error. Nothing happened (when I checked with sammy later it was working, but it is not working with any new tokens).




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