[Architecture] pilots 2 configuration / if the PCP/PMT changes arent applying

Kasper Markus kasper at raisingthefloor.org
Tue Apr 8 04:06:11 EDT 2014

Hi Everyone,

It seems a few people have issues getting the PCP/PMT selections to 
apply to the current system, so I just wanted to make sure that everyone 
remember this extra step, setting the configuration used to be the 
correct one. This will happen automatically if you use the script 
supplied on the wiki page 
but if you start it manually (eg. running start.cmd) you need to set it 

I've added a comment to the wiki page as well, to make sure that it's 
clear to everyone.

On 3/26/14 6:20 AM, Kasper Markus wrote:
> In the new codebase, you should use the "pilot2" node environment. In 
> Linux and Android, this currently has to be set manually (export 
> NODE_ENV="pilot2"). In windows, this is done automatically via the run 
> script (referenced from the Setup and Installation wiki page, and 
> updated today). Alternatively, if you want to start the server 
> manually on windows, make sure you have set the environment variable 
> (set NODE_ENV=pilot2).

Kasper Galschiot Markus
Lead Research Engineer,
Raising the Floor - International,

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