[Architecture] GPII-594 - Fix keyboard controls for Cursor size slider (Linux)

Chris Petsos cpetsos at certh.gr
Tue Apr 8 03:57:32 EDT 2014

Hi all,

GPII-594 - Fix keyboard controls for Cursor size slider (Linux) 
We've realized with the help of Javier that this is a matter of who's 
controlling the caret, Gecko or Orca. There is a keyboard shortcut for 
this in Orca, which is Orca key+F12 (the default is Insert+F12). So, if 
a user wants to control the slider he/she needs to hit Insert+F12 and 
then play with the arrow keys. Now, the question is, can we say this is 
acceptable? Should we assume that a user which frequently uses Orca will 
be aware of this? Note also two things; 1) In order for the behavior to 
revert back to its original state (that is, navigate through the page 
elements with the arrows) the user needs to hit again Insert+F12, and 2) 
Strange behavior will be observed with other input elements too e.g. 
when the focus is in a textfield and Orca is ON, the user cannot type in 
the textfield any numerical value (numbers are Orca shortcuts), nor go 
through the text with the arrow keys.
So, it looks like all these have to do with how Orca suppresses various 
key events in order to perform other shortcut-related tasks. I've tested 
and realized that the keydown, keypress, keyup JS events are not fired 
when Orca is On. This can be good and bad... bad because it takes out of 
the developer's control a large amount of its application's 
functionality, good because it mandates a more standard interaction 
scheme for people who actually make use of the ATs. I'm not an AT expert 
so perhaps someone can enlighten us further on these issues.


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