[Architecture] SP2 Meeting minutes - Common terms registry and SAT

Kasper Markus kasper at raisingthefloor.org
Fri Apr 4 04:32:27 EDT 2014

Hi Everyone,

Here are the (quite lacky) minutes from yesterday. Things got a bit 
rushed at some point, so they're somewhat incomplete. Please feel free 
to add corrections or further details where needed.




  * We will be focusing on the Common Terms Registry and its linkages to
    other software --- primarily the SAT   (and the ontological content
    of the semantic framework - SEMA  ?)
  * *Current status of the common terms:*
      o Gathered data from the spreadsheet and the SAT OWL file, and put
        into a combined format
      o Initial approach based on couchdb and some off the shelf
        libraries to get an overview of the data
      o Some limits of pure couchapp has been found, and a more
        appropriate approach would involve something like express.
      o Currently we 'just' have an overview of the existing data in the
  * *Useful for progress on the CTR work:*
      o Extra insight as to how the SAT works
          + Any local concepts that would eg. make it easier to tell
            whether the SAT or CTR common term is newer (required for
      o Input on what the preferences/requirements are of the SAT to the CTR
  * *Useful for progress of the SAT:*
      o Any specifications would be helpful
          + Tony: no specifications yet on the API, as we've held back
            on API work until we had this talk
          + Tony: there is a specification of the structure of the data,
            etc., in the wiki:
  * *Other consumers?*
      o Most important interaction / good starting point is between the
        SAT/CTR. Like all other components, we want to
      o Andres: Can this service be used as a validation service? kind
        of a lightweight XSD :-)
          + For human interaction, the common terms can be browsed/got
            details for using the SAT. One can also query the CTR database.
          + Andres: was thinking more in terms of machine readable
              # Tony: You can search for a term, to see if it exist. As
                well as getting a list of the existing ones, see how one
                refers to it.
  * *The current version of the CTR can be found here:
      o As described above it contains the gathered data from
        spreadsheet and SAT OWL file.
      o currently all the records are unreviewed .. you will need to
        click the unreviewed button to see the record.
  * *Synchronization discussion:*
      o Kostas:
          + If the CTR provides an API, SAT could send the data.
      o Tony
          + It would be best/easiest for the CTR to retrieve the data in
            an JSON form
              # Kostas: this can be done
          + There is still the issue of synchronization - we'll need to
            know when the data was last updated in both places.
              # Tony and Kostas will work on the details of this
                synchronization. So far the best plan seems to be:
                  * ??????
      o  From the CTR none of the fields native to couchdb would not be
        passed along. Eg. the couch revision number/unique ID wouldn't
        be passed along. Instead we want to refer to the common terms by
        their (unique) ID.

Kasper Galschiot Markus
Lead Research Engineer,
Raising the Floor - International,

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