[Architecture] Dedupe yourself before you wreck yourself.

Steven Githens swgithen at mtu.edu
Thu Apr 3 23:54:02 EDT 2014

Hi Arch,

Some updates on GPII-88. [1] 

I have a grunt script that builds and npm installs the GPII on OS X [2].  There are a few oddities I’m working out, but it works, and I’m now going to unleash the grunts on Windows, Linux, and Android… in that order.(I’m doing windows 2nd to deal with any non-*nix issues that come up sooner than later). This is likely going to result in another GPII Repo with our reusable cross platform grunt scripts I think, that get npm’d into each local one.

Quick question about deducing though, which we had mentioned in the ticket to remove multiple versions of infusion. Currently, I’m getting errors [3] when using dedupe, and I do actually have to ‘find ./ -name infusion’ and remove all but one of the copies by hand to start things up.  Did we make any sort of decision on how to vacuum those up?


[1] http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-88
[2] https://github.com/sgithens/mac/tree/GPII-88
[3] https://gist.github.com/sgithens/9967774

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