[Architecture] Windows Magnifier behavior in relation to PMT

Alexander Milchev amilchev at asteasolutions.com
Tue Apr 1 12:10:14 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,

Here's what I saw from testing the Windows Magnifier's behavior when
applying different settings from PMT. I've used the latest versions of
universal & prefsEditors repos.

   1. Starting with good news, when you select either *Lens* or *Full
   Screen *- everything is working fine.
   2. When you *don't use AERO theme*, the magnifier will always be *docked
   top *and the other two options will be disabled in the Magnifier itself.
   Good thing is that the Aero theme is used by default.
   3. When you *activate high contrast *- absolutely the same, since high
   contrast theme isn't Aero.
   4. When you select *docked left/right/bottom *- it's working fine, the
   following elements are passed fine, but it's* docked top *(since you
   can't dock it any other way).
   5. When you select *docked top *- the Magnifier doesn't open. It's
   rather weird to me, I haven't investigated why that happens. Perhaps I'll
   take a closer look on it in the following days, if I find the time.

By "working fine" I mean is correctly positioned and follows the right
elements (either the mouse cursor, text cursor or keyboard focus) - these
are the three checkboxes underneath the magnifier positioning in PMT.

This info is related to GPII-681 <http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-681>.
I'm pasting it in the JIRA as well.

Hope this is helpful, anyone can add to it if something else is found.


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