[Architecture] PCP and PMT as a single tool

Boyan Sheytanov bsheytanov at asteasolutions.com
Tue Jul 23 11:09:25 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

Based on the discussion on today's call, it seems the current designs treat
the PCP and the PMT as a single tool. There are a few implications of that
that we need to address:

1. Repository structure. Does the initially proposed structure of the
preferenceEditors repo still make sense (i.e. PCP-specific, PMT-specific,
shared)? If the PCP and the PMT are a single tool, how do we differentiate
what is PCP-specific or PMT-specific given the fact that all options are
accessible from the starting screen?
2. Work distribution. Currently Astea does the PCP work and CERTH the PMT
work but it might be difficult to differentiate these when they are in a
single tool. This might lead to code conflicts or blocking the work of the
other party if separation is not well defined.
3. Rendering mechanism. With this approach, both the PCP and the PMT would
be rendered within a node-webkit window. I remember discussing having the
PMT rendered in a web browser but couldn't find any written reference to

These concerns are from a technical standpoint only. I am leaving the
question of how that would affect users (especially novices) for the design

So the question is: do we feel that merging the PCP and PMT in a single
tool is the long-term solution? If that is the case we might want to
discuss the above concerns here on the list or on our next meeting (which I
will miss as I will be out of office).


P.S. I am attaching the meeting notes from Madrid which Chris referenced on
today's call. Slides 9-12 contain the decisions related to PCP/PMT.

Boyan Sheytanov
Lead Systems Engineer
Astea Solutions AD

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