[Architecture] JIRA for logging (GPII-139)

Kasper Markus kasper at markus.dk
Tue Jul 23 08:34:05 EDT 2013

Hi Steve Lee, Yura, Andy and everyone

Just wanted to let you know that I've created a JIRA for the logging 
functionality we talked about a few weeks back:


I added the discussion notes from the meeting to the JIRA discription... 
We decided that this shouldn't go into v0.2 of GPII, so we have some 
time for it, but just wanted to let you know it existed and that you can 
put any comments/discussion/requirements related to the issue on this JIRA.

The first couple of action items were:

  * Select 3rd party library (Steve Lee and Yura)
  * add manual log lines at strategic places to give developers and
    users a high level view of system behaviour. Eg what component has
    run, perhaps what function, and important data at clear points.

so again, Yura, I assigned the JIRA to you.. sorry :)


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