[Architecture] Weekly Dev Update

Evgeni Tsakov etsakov at asteasolutions.com
Fri Jan 25 04:01:05 EST 2013

Hi Colin and everyone,

Good news - I found a solution to one of the bugs mentioned in

> jq: FAIL: Module "SpiSettingsHandler Module" Test name "SpiSettingsHandler
> test - testHighContrast" - Message: Assert testHighContrast:
> HighContrastTheme
> jq: Expected: High Contrast Black
> jq: Actual:

This test is now passing on my computer, so all tests are now passing on
Windows 7, 32-bit.
As soon as I get a 64-bit version I'll start investigating the other issues.

Rock On,

On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 12:18 AM, Colin Clark <colinbdclark at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hey Evgeni,
> Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you're tackling this 64-bit issue with
> the SPI Settings Handler. For those who are interested in following along
> with the issue, which first came up back in November as we were preparing
> features for the 0.1 release, there's a JIRA ticket for it:
> http://issues.gpii.net/browse/GPII-49
> Colin
> On 2013-01-23, at 1:05 PM, Evgeni Tsakov <etsakov at asteasolutions.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > Sorry I missed the dev meeting today, but my mIRC decided to not connect
> me... The last week I was trying to solve some problems with the
> SpiSettingsHander. It turns out that the last version of ffi (v1.2.3) or
> maybe node.js itself make the things even harder since the implicit
> type-casting is no longer available due to additional assertions. The last
> two days Kasper and I were trying to reintegrate the SpiSettingsHander into
> universal - something I've done successfully before we flattened the
> preferences sets. However we had no luck. It worked partially for me but
> Kasper couldn't run it. I believe one of the reasons is that he's using a
> 64-bit Windows.
> > I'll try to get a 64-bit copy of Windows in order to be able to debug
> the handler.
> ---
> Colin Clark
> http://fluidproject.org

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