[Architecture] URIs for different categories of registry terms

Christophe Strobbe strobbe at hdm-stuttgart.de
Tue Jan 8 11:30:10 EST 2013


The wiki page at <http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php/REGISTRY#Format>
distinguishes between different categories of terms: preference terms (and
their aliases), condition terms, operators, etc.
Based on what I read in example preference sets and on
there seems to be a URI convention to distinguish the different categories
of terms. Below is an overview:

Common terms:
URI starts with http://registry.gpii.org/common/. E.g.

Terms for names of settings in applications or implementations:
URI starts with http://registry.gpii.org/applications/. E.g.
See the Timothy example on Github:
These seem to be different from application-unique terms, but I don't know
if we have settled on a convention for URIs that identify this category of

URI starts with http://registry.gpii.org/operators/. E.g.

URI starts with http://registry.gpii.org/condition/. E.g.
(However, I saw something with 'environment' in the URI somewhere. The
idea was to distinguish dynamic things like time from some other types of
conditions; e.g. time would have a URI starting with

As far as I know, this convention has not been written up anywhere, so I
thought it may be useful to ask for comments on this and then write up the
consensus (even if it is temporary) somewhere in the wiki. [1] I would
like to have some documentation about this, because there are several
tools in Cloud4all that read or write (or both read and write) preference

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[1] We can then link to that write-up from the decisions log at

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