[Architecture] PMT Wizard design with UI Options

Colin Clark colinbdclark at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 16:52:15 EST 2013

Hi Chris,

On 2013-02-22, at 2:02 AM, Chris Petsos <cpetsos at certh.gr> wrote:

> Sorry for spamming the list, these questions target mostly the UI Options guys, but i guess it's good to archive these pieces of information.

You're not spamming this list at all! It's great to have this discussion here. As you say, there are others using UI Options too, so archiving it here is helpful.

> We are thinking of a way to implement the wizard-like initialisation of the user's preference set using the UI Options component. The way we think it is to have one category of options in each Wizard page; that is, in the first page user will tweak "Text and display" options, second page "Layout and navigation", third "Links and buttons" and so on.
> Could you propose a way of how such a wizard-like flow would be implemented? This, i guess, touches the subject of Customising/Extendind UI Options, this time not by adding new available options, but by presenting the existing ones in a different form.

It should be possible. If you have a look at the "Fat Panel" version of UI Options, you'll see that we are able to render a very different layout for preferences by reusing the same underlying code. In your case, you may be able to create a variation on the Fat Panel version of UI Options that wraps it with Wizard-like controls (next/previous buttons, etc.) and handles navigation between tabs, etc.

The biggest caveat with the Fat Panel is that it's designed to provide a full live previous of the page, so it has some very complex additional iFrame management code. You should be able to produce a new WizardUIOptions flavour that has similar configuration and templates to the Fat Panel version but without the iFrame.


Next week, I think Yura might have some time to lend you a hand doing this. He knows the UIO codebase quite well.


Colin Clark

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