[Architecture] PMT Wizard design with UI Options

Chris Petsos cpetsos at certh.gr
Fri Feb 22 05:02:20 EST 2013

Hi again,

Sorry for spamming the list, these questions target mostly the UI 
Options guys, but i guess it's good to archive these pieces of information.
We are thinking of a way to implement the wizard-like initialisation of 
the user's preference set using the UI Options component. The way we 
think it is to have one category of options in each Wizard page; that 
is, in the first page user will tweak "Text and display" options, second 
page "Layout and navigation", third "Links and buttons" and so on.

Could you propose a way of how such a wizard-like flow would be 
implemented? This, i guess, touches the subject of Customising/Extendind 
UI Options, this time not by adding new available options, but by 
presenting the existing ones in a different form.

Any help would be really appreciated!



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