[Architecture] UI Options default site settings and branching

Chris Petsos cpetsos at certh.gr
Fri Feb 22 04:52:48 EST 2013

Hi all,

I am trying to implement the following scenario for the PMT.

1) User logs in
2) Observes current UI Options
3) Tweaks some of them
4) Saves
5) Tweaks some options again
3) Doesn't like the result and wants to revert to what was on (4)

Right now by clicking "Cancel" the changes revert to empty set. I know i 
can set custom default site settings as described here 
but this way the options revert to what was found on (2). Is there a way 
to revert to what was on (4)?

Also, is there a way i can branch the Fluid Infusion at the official 
repo so that contributed code is not here and there?


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