[Architecture] [Proposal] IRC as meeting point

Kasper Galschiot Markus kasper at markus.dk
Mon Oct 22 09:33:49 EDT 2012

Hi Javier,

I agree with everything you wrote below! I also talked with Gregg and 
Colin late friday, where we pretty much came to the same conclusion!

I'll arrange to get this set up asap and will post to the list with 
details once done!

IN terms of where to document this, I'm not sure there really is an 
obvious place atm.. I guess we should perhaps have it as a link under 
communication in the menubar..


> Hi again!
> Both suggestions from Colin and Gregg sound good to me, and since
> there aren't more feedback/suggestions from others, I'll take the
> freedom of proposing the way we can go regarding this IRC thing.
> I'm totally agree with Gregg, it will be good to have a #gpii-*
> channel for GPII related projects, but IMVHO, it will only make sense
> if people behind the GPII projects started using IRC massively. If
> this happens in the future, we should consider (again) to create such
> #gpii-* channel in freenode. Right?
> So right now, although using the #fluid-* channels for GPII purposes
> could be a little confusing, I'm ok with Colin's proposal about using
> the already existant #fluid-* channels. We can benefit from fluid's
> infrastructure on freenode and make the fluid community grow.
> Finally, It would be appropriate to add the IRC resource to the GPII
> wiki, but I'm not sure where. Thoughts?
> BTW, thanks for your feedback! ;)
> Cheers!

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