[Architecture] gsettings prototyping

Steven Githens swgithen at mtu.edu
Fri Feb 24 03:23:29 UTC 2012

On 02/22/2012 02:17 PM, Colin Clark wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Yura and I were just chatting about that this morning. The settings handlers should deal with pre-transformed payloads--in other words, they'll get JSON data that represents the concrete, application-specific settings that user needs. Transformation from generic user preference to application-specific setting will happen upstream, either in the match maker or a companion component if necessary.

Yura et. all,

In looking at the PreferencesServer repo that's pushed up now, it looks 
like I should ahead and add in the gsettings bit as another sub module 
node_modules that will get pulled with 'git submodule xyzed'.

Is there a stub anywhere in the preferencesServer.js or elsewhere that 
will be calling the settings bindings for the current platform?  I may 
go ahead and just add one in for testing.

Actually, what sort of unit testing setup will we have in the 
preferencesServer?  Could just make it a test case to start out.


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