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Boyan Sheytanov boyan.sheytanov at asteasolutions.com
Wed Feb 22 10:28:19 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

Please find minutes from the architecture meeting on 2012-02-21 below.


   1. Status Updates
   2. Security Issues (WP104)
   3. Boulder Hackathon Budget
   4. Node.js instances
   5. MongoDB/CouchDB comparison
   6. Tasks for upcoming week

*Status updates*


   - Worked on preferences server, code is committed to
   - Worked on enabling Infusion to be loaded as a Node module
   - In development mode you don’t need CouchDB instance running


   - Worked on USB stick user listener, code is committed to
   - Removed the Node.js instance from the module, now a shell script
   directly calls the Preferences Server
   - Experimented with Windows AT settings in the registry, results are
   described in


   - Described AT settings in http://wiki.gpii.net/index.php/AT_Settings


   - Answered some of Kasper’s architecture questions (

*Security issues*

   - Astea will work on identifying security & privacy concerns
   (WP104-related) of the architecture
   - Next week we will have a discussion based on the findings

*Boulder Hackathon*

   - Kasper will have an update on budget by tomorrow evening

*Node.js instances*

   - There will be a single Node.js instance locally, with different
   modules listening on different paths.
   - Communication between modules will still be with HTTP REST requests

*Database comparison*

   - Both databases have similar features and the differences can be
   compensated by 3rd party libraries
   - The choice of database is rather subjective, based on personal
   - Comparison is available here:
   pay attention to the last row in the comparison table and the additional
   - Since we don’t expect intensive write operations, and expect mobile
   devices, CouchDB is perhaps a better choice

*Tasks for next week*

   - Boyan: screen magnifier registry settings, architecture discussion on
   - Trifon: research Windows IDE possibilities (native parts should be
   compiler independent)
   - Yura: abstract the DB component so that we can use any DB
   (Mongo/Couch); finish the preferences server and start work on the Flow
   manager; connect components (user listener, SALH, preferences server)
   - Colin: answer Kasper questions
   - Kasper: ask Colin more questions :), keep wiki up-to-date


   - We might want to make a screencast after the Boulder Hackathon or even
   better, an automated distributable VM
   - We should pursue Windows solutions as early as possible

I'm looking forward to suggestions about the most convenient format of the
minutes :)

Best regards,
Boyan Sheytanov
Lead Systems Engineer
Astea Solutions AD


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