[Architecture] More options from Couch....

Antranig Basman antranig.basman at colorado.edu
Sat Feb 18 09:06:58 UTC 2012

In view of our discussions last month about persistence solutions leading from CouchDB (particularly, the 
different strategy by CouchBase) I discovered just now another direction from there, namely "bigcouch" 
referred to in this post:



"Clusters behave according to concepts outlined in Amazon's Dynamo paper, namely that each BigCouch node can 
accept requests, data is placed on partitions based on a consistent hashing algorithm, and quorum protocols 
are used for read/write operations."

Personally, this route sounds more attractive to me, since it seems likely to preserve more of CouchDB's 
core virtues (REST API, master-to-master replication) whilst addressing its stability and deployment issues. 
But who knows! This terrain changes every week or so :)


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