[Architecture] User authentication via USB prototype

Boyan Sheytanov boyan.sheytanov at asteasolutions.com
Mon Feb 13 17:30:42 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

During the past week I created a prototype of USB authentication. The
system is quite simple and includes:
1. Detecting that a USB stick is added/removed.
2. Making a call to a local Node.js server with the location of the USB
stick and the token (on add).
3. Logging actions (instead of calling the non-existing Flow Manager :)

The code is available in a repo here:
https://github.com/bsheytanov/gpiistack (I borrowed the name from Steve due
to momentary lack of imagination). There are instructions in a README file
and some comments on the code. I'll try to write up some more notes later
today or tomorrow. I've used Fedora 16 with Gnome for testing.

Is there an architecture meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1pm Eastern? If so,
I'd like to participate (Colin has my Skype coordinates) with the following
items in the agenda:
1. MongoDB/CouchDB comparison
2. USB authentication prototype
3. Next steps on Astea's side (Windows alternative to gsettings?)

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