[Architecture] gsettings prototyping

Gregg Vanderheiden gv at trace.wisc.edu
Wed Feb 8 03:04:52 UTC 2012

Is someone going through the TextHelp settings file I posted awhile ago and sorting out the settings?

Suggest we sort them into

1) Generic
2) subsettings
3) Platform/Context/other    related settings. 

We might also want to group them by 

Visual Parameters (including captions on/off and format)  
Audio-non-speech Parameters
Speech Output Parameters
Other Parameters

May group more than this if any category gets really large

Primarily purpose for categories is to make search sorter if you want to see if a new parameter is already there or needs to be added. 

I would not DROP any -- no matter how arcane -- at this point but rather capture them under "OTHER"  so we can see what strange settings are useful to AT

I am asking so that we don't duplicate work.    If someone already working on this -- great. 


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