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This is exceptional! I watched the screencast and spent some time with the code. Nice work. This is a great start on the process of building a RESTful binding to the platform's central settings store. What do you think the next steps are?

Off the top of my head, it seems like we might want to do a few things:

* Extend this to support multiple preferences in a JSON-based payload--making both the REST resource and the underlying gsettings/Node.js bridge handle a collection of settings
* Look at implementing equivalents on Windows and Mac OS X, just to illustrate how cross-platform this solution is, with minimal dependence on native code
	- I can take a look at the Mac implementation, even though it's not direct deliverable for Cloud4all
	- Perhaps Trifon or Boyan might be willing to prototype the Windows equivalent once we've settled on a reasonable API?
* Put together a handful of real preferences we'd like to support for our first two use cases: auto configuration of a screen magnifier and a screen reader
* Put together the equivalent list of generic AccessForAll preferences for the above use case

Yura is away in Berkeley this week, but I gather he's started to sketch out a Node-based preferences server with Express and CouchDB as a prototype. I think we're getting quite close to the point where we can write the matching code to transform user preferences into application settings and actually show the architecture working end-to-end in its simplest form.

As always, I'm a bit behind on documenting this whole approach in our wiki; that's my main goal for this week.

Again, I'm really impressed by this work, Steve!


On 2012-02-05, at 12:54 PM, Steven Githens wrote:

> Hi all,
> In addition to going back and catching up on the threads with the architecture and payload examples, I finished my first set of prototypes to get up to speed on stack, mostly for gsettings and node extensions.
> It's essentially writing/reading from a custom gsettings schema from dconf-editor, a C and a Python GTK+ app, and a one page node.js express app using a custom C extension to call the gsettings api.
> I cut every corner possible to get the whole thing working as fast as possible, but I did write the node.js C extension from scratch, and the environment actually has a pretty nice build toolchain I think.
> http://blip.tv/sakai-languages-and-oss-jvm-technologies/node-js-and-gsettings-prototype-5935441
> https://github.com/sgithens/gpiistack
> Cheers,
> Steve
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